“4 years ago, I started speaking out about my mental illness. 3 years and 364 days ago, I was stigmatized for my mental illness. When people hear that I have a mental illness, they become afraid of me. I didn’t know why until I learned that fear is a function of ignoranceIgnorance of what people with mental illnesses look like. Of how we live and act. Of who we are and how capable we are.

That’s why I started Project I Define Me. People with mental illnesses are not dangerous, are not criminals, are not threats. People with mental illnesses, are first and foremost, people–people with moments, stories and lives that are incredible and deserve to be shared as such. This project seeks to do that, by showcasing people with mental illnesses with whatever story they choose to share, and finally give them a chance to say ‘I Define Me.'”

-Pooja Mehta, Founder

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